Evolving Digital Success: Record Retrieval Solutions and Our SEO Expert

Record Retrieval Solutions, a specialist in medical record retrieval for legal professionals, faced the challenge of enhancing their newly rebuilt website’s digital authority. Despite having a strong foundation in their domain name and good rankings for service-related keywords, RRS sought to further strengthen their site’s Domain Rating (DR) to outperform competitors and drive more organic leads.


Elevating Digital Presence in a Competitive Niche

Post-website rebuild, RRS found their DR not matching their ambitious content marketing plans. With a calendar packed with new service pages, blogs, and lead magnets, the low DR posed a significant hurdle in achieving desirable rankings and visibility.

Strategic Website audit, Optimization & Link Building for Enhanced Online Authority

Thinkle Marketing’s approach was a meticulously planned ongoing link-building service, targeting primarily the homepage with a mix of business and service name variations. The strategy involved:

  • Building 10 high-quality links per month.
  • Focusing on a mix of links from websites with varying levels of authority.

Targeting key pages, including an informational blog post, ‘How to Get Medical Records Fast’ to enhance overall site authority and inspire awareness.

During the link building campaign in 2023, both organic traffic and referring domains experienced a positive increase

This comprehensive strategy was designed not just to increase the number of backlinks but to ensure they were of high quality and relevance, thereby maximizing their impact on RRS’s website authority and search engine rankings.

A Surge in Domain Authority and Top SERP Positions

The results of this ongoing campaign, spanning over seven months, were remarkable:

  • A steady and significant increase in RRS’ Domain Authority (13 to 26) was observed through Ahrefs, indicating the effectiveness of the link-building strategy.
  • The targeted blog post, ‘How to Get Medical Records Fast’, consistently held the top position in search results, exemplifying the campaign’s success.

Links built to a targeted blog post yielded a number 1 Google ranking for a target keyword

  • The expanded keyword pool and improved SERP positions led to increased organic traffic and leads, contributing to RRS’ growing online presence and authority in their niche.

As a result of Thinkle’s SEO efforts, RRS saw a steady average rise in qualified leads tallying 411 for the year